Chile for Christ 2022

Christ in the Spheres Conference and Outreaches - A YWAM Chile and UofN Student Centre Initiative

Register now to attend this exciting conference. Then join or form your own outreach team. YWAMers! Bring your DTS! July 15-August 15, 2022.

Join us at Chile for Christ 2022!

Years ago, a converted Roman Catholic declared "Chile will be for Christ!" We will join together with songs of worship and celebration as we proclaim Chile for Christ! in every sphere of society.

This is your invitation!

Register to Attend the Conference and Participate on an Outreach or Internship.

• Participants: This is your invitation to join a team or internship.

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Chile for Christ is an exciting YWAM and UofN Student Centre initiative!

Proclaiming Christ in Chile's Spheres of Society through:

• Medical and social projects,
• Ending Bible Poverty,
• Supporting for NGOs, churches and ministries, and
• Campus evangelism.


To see the kingdom of God established in five of the most important cities of Chile, convening a Christ in the Spheres conference, and sending dozens of outreaches and internships to serve with Christ-centered churches and organizations.

Just as Esther was challenged in the governmental sphere as queen in a foreign nation, we are called to challenge students to recognize that God has placed them in their sphere “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). 

  1. ¡Proclaim Christ in Chile!
  2. Distribute bibles on university campuses and various communities
  3. Affirm the leaders and vision of Christian professional associations
  4. Commission young adults as witnesses for Christ in the spheres
  5. Declare sphere commitment statements
Sphere Groups

Join a sphere group to study God’s word and current news that relates to the arts & sports, business, communications, education, government, social work, science & technology, church, family,  etc.

Passion Focus Groups

Focus your outreach with one of the passion focus groups: health brigade, campus evangelism,church projects, construction, Ending Bible Poverty, human trafficking,  video, water resources, worship, YWAM base projects,  and more.

YWAM Events App

Team Leaders are invited to use the new YWAM Events App. With the App, you will be able to quickly and easily create and administrate your outreach team or internship.

The YWAM Events App is available for all friends of YWAM and registered YWAM/UofN Staff and School Leaders.


Chile for Christ is a 30-day event with missions conference and outreaches! Come for the 3-Day conference. Come for a week of outreach. Or stay for the month on an internship. It's time for Chile!

Christ in the Spheres Conference
Christ in the Spheres Conference

July 15 to 17, 2022.

Chile for Christ 2022 begins with a Christ in the Spheres conference in Santiago.

After the conference, outreach teams and interns will saturate Santiago and surrounding cities with the love of Jesus in every sphere of society.

Outreaches & Internships
Outreaches & Internships

July 18 to August 12

After the conference, outreach teams and interns will saturate Santiago and surrounding cities with the love of Jesus in every sphere of society.

From July 18 to August 12, outreach teams, including students, professionals, churches, and interns will go out to serve with churches, NGOs, and businesses throughout the area, including five surrounding cities. We plan a minimum of 120 participants on about 20 teams for all or part of this one-month event.

Final Debriefing & Celebration
Final Debriefing & Celebration

August 13 & 14, 2022

Finally, all remaining participants who stay through the full month will regather in Santiago for a two-day celebration and debriefing.

NOTE: Not all teams will come for the entire month. Some will come for just a week or two. If anyone cannot attend the three-day conference, the event will be live streamed and posted on Youtube.