Brook Roberts


“My passions are to help people discover their identity and destiny then act on it. I love to take Action and make things happen. I love Adventure and Including others along the way, or better yet to Activate them into going on their own adventure and pursue their passions or dreams God has put within them.”

I have been with YWAM since 2012. Over the years I have developed my skills and passions for mobilizing and equipping ministry leaders and youth. As a Life Coach and part of Colab432 we utilize the arts and sports to be a place of belonging and community. We foster a culture of hospitality, learning and creativity to be a place where people can discover the heart of the father, their identity and their destiny.

Additionally Kira and I work in the sphere of Justice and Righteousness for victims of trafficking and exploitation with local non-profits and ministries.

Through my association with YWAM Converge & YWAM’s Colab432 I am able to multiply our efforts to help people discover their identity and destiny.

Language: English

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YWAM does not pay its staff. All YWAM staff meet their financial needs by partnering with friends and churches who support their ministry.

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