Speaking to Your Group

Called to know Jesus and make Him known.

We are on a journey. We have heard a call. It has already changed our lives. Our passion is to help others connect to God’s call. This journey leads to a deeper, wider wonder. Together, we can know the Lord Jesus more intimately. And we can know our part in his kingdom. God intends for us to make a difference.


Our speakers would be honored to minister to your church or group, especially student ministry groups:
We Teach from Experience:

One of YWAM's Foundational Values says, "Do first, then teach."

All of our Speakers are YWAM Staff with several years of experience leading schools and outreaches and teaching internationally. We believe that our firsthand experience gives authority to our words. We also believe that Godly character and a call from God are more important than any individual’s gifts, abilities or expertise. (Deu 4:5-8; Ezr 7:10; Psa 51:12-13; Psa 119:17-18; Pro 1:1-4; Mat 7:28-29; Act 1:1-2; Col 3:12 17; 2Ti 4:1-5; 2Pe 1:5-10)

We would count it an honor to minister to your group.

Our Speakers

Aldrin Bogi

VP at Biblica

John & Mary Henry

Converge & UofN Transcripts

John & Monica Hwang

International Director

Kim Sungwon

Worldview Teacher

Davi de Souza Silva

Director of YWAM 360; Languages: Portuguese, English; Brasilia, BRAZIL

John & Rebecca Stenson

Directing Colab 432

Maria Isabel Reynoso Guillen

Director of YWAM Guayaquil, Missionary Advisor, & Micro-entrepreneur; Language: Spanish; Guayaquil, ECUADOR