As David stood up to fight Goliath, we stand to contend with worldly philosophies in the modern university.

Follow Jesus through your College Experience

Discipleship and Project Leadership Training On and Off Campus

To Know God & Make Him Known through the University

Mission: Restoring God’s vision for discipling nations by mobilizing university students for every kind of faithful work.

Vision: A student leadership and project partnership network facilitating disciple-making movements on university campuses around the world.

People: We are students, leaders, and YWAMers committed to making disciples of nations, beginning at the university.

Programs: Converge Missional Internships, University Discipleship Course, and Outreach Teams App

YWAM Student Centre’s undertaking is to see the gospel permeate every nation through every vocation and every kind of faithful work. We mobilize university students through on-campus discipleship and off-campus missional internships.

Who Would David Fight Today?

Watch this 13 minute video about YWAM Student Centre.


University Discipleship Course

A YWAM training course for your college group. Student leaders, enroll in our online leaders’ guide and follow the step-by-step process.

Pray, Build a team, Set up and Run the Course, and Complete a Local and/or International Outreach.

Off-Campus: Converge Missional Internships

Start your journey of discerning God's calling and making a real-world difference by completing a personalized missions project.

Follow Converge’s step-by-step guide to complete a personalized missions project related to your studies.

Xian’s Story

This is how a missional internship experience could change your life and millions of others.

Xian, a Carnegie-Mellon student did his Engineering internship with us in East Timor. He said: “My experience left an indelible mark on me.” The internship led him to start a company called D.light Design, a global leader and pioneer in delivering affordable solar-powered solutions for people in the developing world and has transformed the lives of over 125 million people.

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"It is easy to find professionals who are Christians, but harder to get Christian professionals, who have thought through what they do from a Biblical standpoint, and can articulate that clearly."

Dr. Michael Schluter - Jubilee Center, Cambridge.

Dr. Michael Schluter - Jubilee Center, Cambridge

"YWAM’s purpose is to bring the lordship of Christ into homes, businesses, government, education, arts, entertainment and sports, the media and local churches.”

Loren Cunningham - Co-Founder of Youth With A Mission

“God calls us to be like him and he sends us to represent him everywhere. God is the first gardener, the first communicator, the first artist, …law giver, counselor, architect and builder, teacher, healer, and father of every family. The university was founded to equip us to know him and fulfill his plan to teach all nations.”

John Henry - Founder of YWAM Student Centre

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